How to transform an email in a WordPress post safely.

How to transform an email into a WordPress post safely.

One of the most famous and appreciated plugin used to better configure an email as a gateway for creating an automatic post is POSTIE.

It’s really intuitive and easy to set up.
What you need is just to install POSTIE plugin and set up the incoming email.

Take into account that everyone who will send an email to the incoming email could create a post so it’s recommended to choose an email account that must be hard to suppose (e.g. and set up the default status to draft (to be able to verify the post before the publishing).

Setup the email Postie

It’s pretty easy. Next an example based on account configuration (here you’ll find other configurations parametrizations) :

You can set timing and other several parms.
It’s always better to check if the parameters specified are right.
You can use the TELNET command from the command prompt.
Open the command prompt and type: TELNET.
If TELNET is not installed type :
dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:TelnetClient
and press enter

Now, to test for example the connection setup above mentioned, type:
telnet 110
press enter and you should get the response from the email servers (type: quit to exit)
If you need specific plan for an email check it out at

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