What is an email alias address and when it could be useful


An alias address (also named proxy address) lets a user receive an email that’s sent to a different email address but is not a mailbox.

Let’s imagine it such as a predefined redirect.

Email sent to an email alias arrives in the user’s Inbox.

Setting up an alias is pretty easy: just set the alias name in the account attributes.email alias



Adding email aliases to a user is helpful when:

You want to keep safe your real identity and prefer to show your real email address.

You manage a company organization where the same people have in charge different roles (staff, sales, pre-sales, sales-info).

A user changes their name, and you want to add an email alias with their new name while maintaining their primary email address.

Can I set up an alias to email to multiple users?

Yes you can able to create a single entry point for a whole team (e.g. Sales@mydomain.com)

The alias remains one the more flexible email features used to create the relationship between roles/functions and real user and it could be combined with further benefits with other features such us the Dropbox attachment management.

Email : How to add read receipt in VBA.

How to add email read receipt in VBA.

In a previous post, I explained how to send emails in excel using VBA (send an email with attachments via Excel), but it was an illustration of the core stuff required to send an email via excel, update the information required to control the whole process that why I wanted to make minimal the solution and make it usable for everyone.

Obviously, some readers can’t live on bread alone and have asked how to achieve extras features

Many readers asked how to add the read receipt.

You have to set this property :

.ReadReceiptRequested = True

Where to add it ? in the code you have already in place so that the code will change in this way

Add email Receipt Confirm VBA

Add email Receipt Confirm VBA

There are a lot of other property that you can set and in this Microsoft’s page, you can find the most important and I suppose relevant to you ( a very useful property is “DeferredDeliveryTime” that allows setting the delivery time so you can optimize the

quantity of the emails send according to your email provider limits or the customers local times.).

Once learning how to set one you can easily set the properties you need.