What is an email alias address and when it could be useful


An alias address (also named proxy address) lets a user receive an email that’s sent to a different email address but is not a mailbox.

Let’s imagine it such as a predefined redirect.

Email sent to an email alias arrives in the user’s Inbox.

Setting up an alias is pretty easy: just set the alias name in the account attributes.email alias



Adding email aliases to a user is helpful when:

You want to keep safe your real identity and prefer to show your real email address.

You manage a company organization where the same people have in charge different roles (staff, sales, pre-sales, sales-info).

A user changes their name, and you want to add an email alias with their new name while maintaining their primary email address.

Can I set up an alias to email to multiple users?

Yes you can able to create a single entry point for a whole team (e.g. Sales@mydomain.com)

The alias remains one the more flexible email features used to create the relationship between roles/functions and real user and it could be combined with further benefits with other features such us the Dropbox attachment management.

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