Free domains , where and how

Where to register a free domain name.

You can subscribe a domain name having extension .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf and .gq at
For these first level domains, it’s not required any payment, but you can you can use

them for paid services such us email hosting (Obviously, you must to set properly the
MX record).
They could be very useful for newbie and also for test purposes (even if no one forbid to use them for standard use: commercial, blog, e-commerce..and so on).

How to register a free domain

 You have to subscribe a domain at :
  • Sign up
  • Check the domain availability
  • Order it

That’s all (within a couple of minutes you will get your own  domain)

 Which services can be connected to a free domain?

 You can connect to this domain whatever you want :
website /e.g. at, Business Email (remember first to properly set the DSN with the right MX records: DSN MX Setup ).